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In every way, THE BEST hunting preserve in Northeastern United States. Located in the hills above Hooversville in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

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Four Horn Sheep
Corsican Rams
Mouflon Type Rams
Mouflon Rams (Pure)
Dall/ Black Hawaiian Rams
Black Buck Antelope
Rocky Mountain Rams
Fallow Bucks
Sika Deer
Whitetail Buck Prices

Call for pricing
$625 +
$625 +
$750 +
$100 an inch
$625 +
Call for pricing
$625 +
$1,500 +
As Follows..
  Female Deer (All species)
Catalina & Angora Goats
Pure Russian Boars
Trophy Hogs (300# and up)
Elk Bulls
Elk Cows
Red Stag
Axis Deer
Bison (Buffalo) Bull
Bison (Buffalo) Cow
$450 +
$625 +
$695 +
$850 +
$3,500 +
$1,750 +
$2,500 +
Call for pricing
$4,500 +
$3,500 +
    Up to 120" - $1,500 +
    130" - $2,000
    140" - $2,500
    150" - $3,000
    160" - $3,500
    170" - $4,000
    180" - $4,500
    Up to 200" - $5,000
    Up to 240" - $6,500
    Up to 270" - $8,000
    Up to 300" - $9,500

We stock enough trophy animals on our preserve for a fair, challenging, successful hunt. Kills are usually made from 25-100 yards. No pressure in shooting any animal below your standards. On guided hunts, there is a no kill/no pay policy. We also offer group rates to five or more hunters. Children under the age of 18 may hunt along with their parent or legal guardian.  Deposits of $100.00 are required to guarantee your reservation.

We can accommodate up to 17 hunters at our  lodge. Sleeping bags are recommended. Breakfast and lunch are included with the $40 per night fee. If you decide to stay elsewhere, there are plenty of fine motels and restaurants in the Somerset area.

Game skinned for mounting and meat quartered for $30. Taxidermy services are available upon request. Arrangements can be made through High Ridge after your hunt.

We treat each hunter with fairness and honesty. Our customers' satisfaction is our reputation and our goal. We guarantee you will have one of the most exciting adventures of your life! Just talk to anyone from our reference list and you'll be convinced and totally addicted to HIGH RIDGE HUNTING PRESERVE!

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