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Fred Kaminsky had a dream to build and establish a hunting preserve over two decades ago. Twenty-seven years later, High Ridge Hunting is a hunterís dream with hundreds of successful hunting stories, campfire tales, and the hunterís adventure playground.

Fred has given his nephews, Jeremy and Travis Stankan, the opportunity to continue this legacy through new ownership of High Ridge Hunting. Jeremy is not new to High Ridge. He was a part of this legacy when he was fifteen years old. Jeremy continued to work with his Uncle for a decade. Jeremy is an outdoor enthusiast who knows how to guide and lead an adventurous hunt. He returns as owner of High Ridge with even bigger dreams and goals and the drive to continue this legacy for his family. Travis is also an outdoor enthusiast. Travis is leaving a successful military career with ambitions to live the outdoorsmanís dream. Travis has passion and drive to encourage the growth and development of High Ridge Hunting and also looks forward to building upon the High Ridge legacy.

High Ridge Hunting Preserve will continue to serve the needs of the hunterís dream. Jeremy and Travis look forward to building and establishing a relationship to better serve you and continue the legacy of High Ridge.

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